Afghan Currency Market Does Not Finance Taliban: Market Leaders

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Afghan currency market officials strongly rejected a recent Reuters report alleging that some businessmen are serving as Taliban financiers.

Speaking to TOLOnews on Sunday, Head of the Kabul Currency Exchange Market Najibullah Akhtari denied any kind of involvement, saying he has not witnessed such activity in Kabul.

"We don't have such currency dealers in Kabul. We haven't witnessed such activities so far," he said.

However, Afghan Central Bank Director Noorullah Delawari confirmed the involvement of Haji Khairullah in financing the Taliban.

"We were informed about this by the UN. They told us that he's involved in money laundering. We have sent letter to the presidential palace in this regard," Delawri told TOLOnews.

Reuters recently published a report about the involvement Afghan currency dealer, Haji Khairullah, as the main Taliban financier. Khairullah is on the US Treasury Department's sanctions list. His assets and property are seized and he is banned to travel outside the country.

But the Reuters report suggests that Khairullah fled to Quetta after the sanctions.

The US treasury Department believes Haji Khairullah as the biggest Taliban financier and the architect of an underground network that converts opium money into cash.

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