Afghan Policewoman Fatally Shoots US Adviser in Kabul Police Compound

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An Afghan policewoman opened fire on a US adviser in the Kabul police chief's compound Monday morning, senior police officials said.

The adviser later died in hospital. Isaf has confirmed the death, saying the victim was a civilian.

This is the first so-called green-on-blue attack by a female member of the Afghan security forces.

The shooter has been identified as Nargis. She has been arrested by security forces, said Mohammad Zahir, head of the police criminal investigation department.

Police have started investigating the incident, he said.

Insider attacks have increased dramatically over the past few years, with the greatest number of Isaf fatalities coming in 2012. Nato had suspended the training of Afghan security forces and stopped joint patrols with Afghan forces earlier this year.

The Pentagon said in a recent report that most of the insider attacks were motivated by personal grievances and cultural differences, downplaying insurgent infiltration.

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