Lawmakers React to Paris Meeting

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Afghan lawmakers criticized the absence of government response at the Paris meeting when Taliban representatives demanded amendments to the Constitution.

The lawmakers emphasized that the Afghan delegation should have strongly rejected the Taliban's demand.

"We should not provide too many chances to the Taliban. The High Peace Council representatives should have reacted strongly to Taliban demands," Kabul MP Shukria Barekzai said.

Lawmakers also demanded strengthening the role of the legislature in the peace process.

"Parliament's role in the important issues of the country should be strengthened. We should not surrender the fate of the country in the hands of deal-makers," MP Latif Pedram said.

The Paris meeting was attended by government representatives and members of major opposition parties, as well as Taliban and Hizb-e-Islami representatives.

The Taliban asked for immediate withdrawal of foreign forces, amendments to the Constitution, general amnesty and enforcement of human rights.

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