Policewoman Who Killed US Adviser Was Iranian: MoI

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The Afghan policewoman who killed a US civilian adviser in Kabul was originally from Iran and appears to have a mental disorder, Ministry of Interior Spokesman Sediq Sediqi said Tuesday.

Speaking in a joint press conference with the chief of Kabul's Crime Investigation Department, General Mohammad Zahir, Sediqi said that the policewoman, Nargis, received an illegal Afghan ID card after marrying an Afghan man.

"This woman is an Iranian national. She got a fake Afghan ID card after marriage and entered the police forces," Sediqi told reporters.

This comes as an Afghan police official told TOLOnews on condition of anonymity that he woman was directed by the Haqqani Network eight months ago to kill a police official.

General Zahir rejected that claim, saying that initial investigations show that the woman was not directed by the insurgents and has a mental disorder.

"She's not in a stable mental condition. We should proceed professionally and in a slow manner," Zahir said.

The officials said that Nargis will be prosecuted under Afghan laws and will not be handed over either to Iranian or other foreign officials.

"Because she has committed the crime in Afghanistan, she will be prosecuted in Afghanistan by the government of Afghanistan," Sediqi said.

Previous reports show that Nargis, 33, was an employee of the Afghan Ministry of Interior's gender department and joined the police in 2008. She was previously said to be from Kabul's Mir Bacha Kot district.

Two other policemen are held in connection with the incident for neglecting their duties, the officials said.

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