Murdered Kunduz Girl's Family Seeks Justice

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An Afghan family in the northern province of Kunduz is accusing two local judges of accepting bribes and freeing the alleged murderer of their daughter, the son of a local warlord.

The 14-year-old girl's family, still mourning the death of their daughter, said that the government has not addressed their concerns so far.

The victim's father said that the son of a local warlord entered his house in the Chardara District and shot his daughter about five months ago.

"He came to [our] house at midnight, opened fire, and my daughter was shot. She died. Another bullet hit the wall," said Assadullah, the girl's father, who accused two judges of the Kunduz Appeals Court of taking bribe for releasing the shooter.

The Court rejected the accusation and said the warlord's son was released due to a lack of evidence.

The victim's mother has said they can identify the shooter if they see him.

"We saw the person who opened fire," she said.

Confirming the release of the girl's alleged murderer, a member of Kunduz Provincial Council called for justice for the victim's family.

"We are so distressed at the incident of the murder of the 14-year-old girl in Chardara. It is the sad truth that this girl was killed by a commander's son, and that the the shooter is released," said Assila Barekzai, member of Kunduz Provincial Council.

The family says they cannot return to their residence for fear of retribution for speaking out.

There has been a rise in reports of incidents of violence against women in Afghanistan. Kunduz province is one of the worst affected areas. In a rare incidence of perpetrators being brought to justice, the Appeals Court of Khan Abad District in Kunduz sentenced to death a man who was charged with killing a woman.

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