Standards Will Improve Production Quality: Officials

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The technical committee of the National Norms and Standards Agency has approved 150 standards in 13 production sectors to improve the quality of the Afghan products, officials said Thursday.

Speaking to TOLOnews, Mujib Rahman Khatir, deputy director of the Afghan Norms and Standards Agency, said the standards will also prevent low-quality material from entering the country.

"When the standards are fully implemented, they solve the problems of the market," Khatir said, urging all government agencies to be cooperative in the implementation of standards.

Meanwhile, some lawmakers stressed that corruption may prevent the full implementation of standards.

"Widespread corruption in the executive organs is the reason that these standards are not fully implemented. Despite existence of standards, still low-quality food, fuel and medicines enter the country," member of the Parliament's National Economy Commission Munawar Shah Bahaduri said.

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