Karzai to Visit Washington in January

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President Hamid Karzai is scheduled to visit the United States on 7 January to discuss issues related to the bilateral security agreement currently being negotiated by diplomats of the two countries.

Karzai and Obama are expected to discuss the sticking point issue of legal immunity for US forces after the Nato combat mission ends in 2014.

The security agreement will also include the presence of foreign forces in Afghanistan after 2014 and military assistance to Afghanistan after Isaf troops leave.

Some Afghan analysts have expressed optimism about the prospects of the tip.

"The trip could be very beneficial and important for a better future for Afghanistan. The signing of the agreement could guarantee Afghanistan's future to a certain degree," said political analyst Idrees Ramhami.

The opposition National Coalition Party urged the president to prioritize national interests over personal ones.

"President Karzai should discus the security transition and the peaceful transition of power. Also, he should seriously discuss the priority issues of ensuring stability during the transition period," National Coalition Party Spokesman Sayed Aqa Fazil Sancharaki said.

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