Footage Shows Insurgents Executing Afghan Soldier After 'Trial'

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Insurgents have released a video of the alleged killing of an Afghan Army soldier after prosecuting him in an insurgent military court.

The footage, recently obtained by the media, shows insurgents, possibly Taliban, shooting dead at close range an Afghan soldier who holds his army ID card in his mouth.

Though the Ministry of Defense has not confirmed the identity of the soldier, it acknowledged that summary killings of Afghan soldiers by the Taliban are common.

"We have witnessed many incidents such as this one, where the Taliban identify [off-duty] Afghan Army soldiers from passenger cars while they are travelling home or returning to their duties after holidays," Ministry of Defense Spokesman Gen. Zahir Azimi told TOLOnews.

The incident has alarmed Afghan civil society and human rights organizations. Activists condemned the summary execution and urged the Taliban and all the involved parties to respect human dignity and rights.

The Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) called the execution a potential war crime.

"When someone [a combatant] is arrested, they are held under international laws and they should be treated according to international laws. If this [execution] is done by the Taliban, it's against human rights and considered a war crime," AIHRC Chief Executive Officer Musa Mahmoodi said.

This comes as the Taliban previously condemned the execution of several insurgent prisoners in Kabul's Pul-i-Charkhi prison and urged the UN to prevent the government from ordering further prisoner executions. The Taliban called the executions a violation of human rights.

"Taliban raised objections when several criminals were executed in the Pul-i-Charkhi prison after being prosecuted by the courts. I want to ask them how they see this action," Gen. Azimi said.

The Taliban have not commented on the authenticity of the video. A previous video, also allegedly from the Taliban, shows an Afghan Local Police commander being executed by cannon-fire in the southeast of the country.

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