Afghan-US Pact Ensures Future Security: Sediqi

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The Afghan-US bilateral security agreement is vital for the future of Afghanistan and can help protect the country from insurgency and terrorism, Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI) said Tuesday.

Speaking to TOLOnews, MoI spokesman Sediq Sediqi said that the pact would be effective in training and equipping the Afghan security forces and helping enhance security in the country.

"International support will be effective in capacity building in the Afghan security forces and in [safeguarding] the future of the country, particularly in the war against insurgency in the region," Sediqi said.

Even Senator Fazel Hadi Muslimyar, who is among the handful of lawmakers critical of the bilateral security agreement, still believes that it will be important in helping Afghanistan counter the neighbors' influence.

"I have a negative opinion about this pact, but it's important for the current situation of the country and for preventing the intervention of Iran and Pakistan," Muslimyar said.

Afghan analysts are also generally positive about the pact. Political analyst Jawid Kohistani believes that the pact could help enhance intelligence cooperation between Afghan and US forces.

"The security pact will provide better opportunities for training and equipping of the Afghan security forces and will be effective in intelligence sharing," Kohistani said.

Legal immunity for US soldiers is the main point of conflict between Afghan and US officials who are currently negotiating the pact. President Karzai, who will travel to Washington next week, is expected to discuss the matter with President Obama.

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