Afghanistan Faces Uncertain Future: Ghani

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Afghanistan will face major threats post-2014 if its national forces are not fully trained and equipped, Head of the Transition commission Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai said Thursday.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with TOLOnews, he added that the country's national identity could be in jeopardy and some neighboring countries might be banking on the government's collapse.

"We are facing the threat of losing our national identity. Our neighbors, some international experts and those who do not want the good of Afghanistan are waiting for a regime collapse," Ahmadzai said.

There's anxiety among ordinary Afghans about the future, but Ashraf Ghani added that even government officials are worried about the future.

"Government officials are also afraid of the uncertain situation of the country after 2014," Ghani added.

This comes as top Isaf commander in Afghanistan, Gen. John Allen, has presented three contingencies about the presence of US troops in Afghanistan after 2014.

The first scenario calls for 6,000 troops, and the second and third plans ask for 10,000 to 20,000 forces after 2014.

President Hamid Karzai will visit his American counterpart next week to discuss these and other security-related issues.

Lack of capacity, inadequate resources and a functionally nonexistent air force are considered the main shortfalls of the Afghan security forces as they take charge of protecting the country after the withdrawal of the foreign forces from Afghanistan.

To ease the pressure on the security forces, Afghanistan is trying hard to bring the Taliban into peace negotiations. Pakistan seems to be cooperating lately, but the process is still far from being on a stable track.

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