Extortion by Police Must End: Kandahar Residents

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A number of Kandahar residents complain about misbehavior and extortion from the police and asked the government to curb the abuse.

Police at checkpoints ask for a share of firewood and other commodities that residents carry home, people told TOLOnews.

"There are about seven to eight police checkpoints on the way to where we buy firewood. At each checkpoint, they ask for firewood," one resident said.

Local officials said that some of the extortion is because a number of residents transport fuels illegally, adding that the extortion will end if residents stop the illegal transport of fuel.

But Provincial Spokesman Jawid Faisal said the police force is provided firewood to keep themselves warm during the winter and that extortion by the police is illegal.

"The laws are the same for all regardless of if a person is the police chief, the district governor or an ordinary citizen. Every victim of extortion should get legal recourse," Faisal added.

Provincial Officials added that several residents illegally shift duel if the residents stop this action there is no one to request them blackmail.

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