Military Uniform Company Near Collapse

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An Afghan private company which produces military uniforms and boots is close to collapse after it failed to win the army's military uniform contract, owners said.

The factory had employed more than 1,000 personnel – mostly women – before the Afghan Ministry of Defense was authorised to allocate the contract for military uniforms, but now the company has less than 500 employees.

"Since the Afghan Ministries of Defence and Interior asked us to provide 105,000 uniforms [with boots] in two months. We quit the contract because we couldn't even import the necessary raw materials during that period," Nasrat Rahmati, head of the Afghan-owned Tarsian and Blinkley, told TOLOnews.

The Afghan Chamber of Commerce (ACCI) and Industries blamed the government for not providing necessary facilities to the factories to prevent their collapse and bankruptcy.

"We have several other factories in the same situation but the government is not able to support them and solve their issues," Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the ACCI, Khanjan Alokozay told TOLOnews.

Most of the factory workers in Tarsian and Blinkley are women on an average wage of 7,000 Afs ($140) per month plus food coupons, who are now concerned they will lose their jobs.

The Ministry of Defense has struggled in the past with lack of professional personnel and transparency in handling military contracts.

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