Karzai Seeks to Deliver Afghan Expectations in US Trip

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President Hamid Karzai said in a meeting with US officials that he will endeavour to deliver to the Afghan people what they expect from his trip to the US.

Karzai made the comment while meeting US senator Mitch McConnell, Republican Minority Leader of the US Senate, and members of the Senate foreign relations and armed services panels on Wednesday (US time).

"The trip has just begun and I will be meeting over two days with members of the Senate and the administration. I hope we take back to Afghanistan what the Afghans expect of me to take back to them," Karzai said.

McConnell welcomed Karzai and wished him a productive visit.

"We are proud to have President Karzai back in America to discuss our mutual goals for his country and hope that your discussions with the administrations and members of Congress are fruitful," McConnell said.

The two parties discussed Afghan-US bilateral relations, US presence in Afghanistan beyond 2014, Afghanistan's upcoming presidential elections and issues related to the central Asia region, according to a statement from the Karzai's office.

Karzai went to the US on Monday with a high-level government delegation to meet with officials including his American counterpart Barack Obama and discuss the Afghan-US security pact, the number of US troops to remain in Afghanistan after 2014 and financial assistance.

However, Karzai declined to provide exact information about the number of US troops to be in Afghanistan after 2014 in his Wednesday meeting. He will be meeting his Obama on Thursday to discuss the matter.

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