MPs Trade Blows over Ministers Impeachment

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Parliament descended into a brawl in Tuesday's sitting session apparently over the question of whether to impeach 11 ministers whose ministries failed to spend more than 50 percent of their development budgets in 1390.

A verbal disagreement between Kandahar MP Mohammad Naim Lalai and Herat MP Farhad Majidi led to the two men trading physical blows as more lawmakers attempted to stop the fight.



"Each Tuesday we discuss the agenda of the next week's sessions but misbehaviour from several MPs resulted in a physical clash," Majidi told TOLOnews, while sporting a bandaid beneath his left eye.

Some MPs said the exchange grew heated in a discussion of whether to impeach the 11 ministers overseeing portfolios that did not spend more than 50 percent of their allocated development budget in 1390 (March 2011-March 2012).

The disagreement stems from whether to impeach four ministers who were only appointed in 1391 and who were not in charge of the poorly-managed ministerial budgets at the time.

Some lawmakers say all 11 should to be impeached because the ministers still have to explain the ministry's activities in 1390, while others say only the seven ministers in power in 1390 should be held accountable.

The administrative affairs office said a delegation will investigate Tuesday's incident.

"Discussion over the next week's agenda resulted in physical clash between the MPs. We will investigate the issue," Parliamentary Secretary Farhad Azimi said.

One MP said he believes a lack of strong management led to the clash.

"Weak management caused the physical clash between the lawmakers," head of the parliamentary Defense Committee Humayoun Humayoun told TOLOnews.

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