Solar Experts See Strong Potential in Afghanistan

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Afghanistan's Ministry of Energy and Water has not worked sufficiently on supporting solar power in Afghanistan despite its strong potential, solar companies said in Kabul Wednesday.

A number of solar power analysts have indicated that Afghanistan's wide, sunlit deserts may be able to produce thousands of megawatts (MW) of power but there has not been much interest from the government so far.

"Afghanistan has possibility of creating solar parks with the capacity to produce 150 MW of energy, but nothing is being done in this area," Sharifullah Mohammadi, head of solar power company Zularistan, said.

The Ministry of Energy and Water said it has acknowledged Afghanistan's potential to produce over 100,000 MW of solar energy, but the hurdle is the cost of setting up such solar parks.

"We are optimistic about solar energy in the country but the main problem is its high price to produce it," Deputy Minister Shujauddin Ziaee said.

However, Mohammadi disagreed.

"On the contrary, the price is low and also solar parks do not require batteries [to be run]. Because of this, the price is low," Mohammadi added.

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