Helmand Residents Protest Against Insurgency

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Residents of the Nahr-e-Siraj district in southern province of Helmand have held a protest against insurgents after violent attacks in the district show no sign of stopping.

Local officials pledged their support, and the police said it will give the residents weapons to fight back.

"As ordered by Helmand police chief, we are to provide the protestors with weapons," police commander of Kandak 1, Sattar Khan Nawroozi, said.

The protestors, who called the government for support in the Wednesday march, warned the insurgents to end attacks in their district or the residents including the women will fight them.

"We're four brothers and are ready to sacrifice ourselves for supporting the government against the Taliban. We won't allow these jackals to attack us again," said one of the residents

"We have done Jihad before, against the British and the Russians, and now we will do a true Jihad against these Taliban who act in a false Jihad on us," another resident said.

Provincial officials were pleased with the protest and said the residents will receive government support.

Local residents have been known to fight back against the insurgents around the country including in Ghazni, Nangarhar, Kunar, Logar and Faryab provinces.

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