Afghan-US Security Pact Poses No Threat: US Envoy

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There is no reason for anyone to be fearful of an Afghan-US security agreement unless they favor instability in the region, the US envoy to Afghanistan said Thursday.

James Cunningham said that the Afghan government should make it clear to its neighbors that the pact will not threaten countries in the region, but rather will bring more stability.

"There will be a task for the diplomacy of the United States and its partners, and very importantly for your government, to make that clear to your neighbors that this not about a kind of threat or destabilisation of the region on the contrary," Cunningham said at a press conference in Kabul.

"It's about helping to build a region that will benefit everybody that's in it and there is no reason for anyone to be fearful that this partnership that we are building with Afghanistan is somehow going to disadvantage them unless they favor instability."

The US will have two important roles after 2014 which includes training, equipping and assisting the Afghan security forces and also continuing its counterterrorism mission in Afghanistan, he told reporters.

"After what we are calling it an enduring presence in our long-term security relationship, US forces will have two missions: one will be to train, advise and assist the Afghan security forces.

"And in that role, we will be continuing to help Afghan security forces provide security for the Afghan people. The other role will be counterterrorism missions, including supporting Afghan forces in counterterrorism mission against Al Qaeda and its affiliates," Cunningham said, adding that the US will focus on Al Qaeda but the Afghan forces will pursue the Taliban themselves.

The US forces will interfere in the Afghan conflict with the Taliban if a peace deal is not reached, he said.

Also, the US and its partners are keen on building a strong voting system.

"So, there is a lot of work being done on this by the donors, by the Election commission and the government. The UN [United Nations] is assisting with technical advice on how we can help Afghanistan create a better voting system for this election and we are very committed to helping to make this work as best we can," the Ambassador said.

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