British Fears for Pakistan Linked to Nuclear Weapons: Analyst


British officials fear an unstable Pakistan because of the higher possibility that the Pakistani Taliban could gain access to nuclear weapons, Afghan political analyst Edrees Rahmani said Sunday.

"War has affected both countries, but the British officials want the Pakistani Army to support the fight against insurgents to keep them away from reaching the country's nuclear weapons," Rahmani told TOLOnews.

His comments are a reaction to the news of British Opposition Leader Ed Miliband saying that the Afghan war had destabilised Pakistan and urging the UK forces to leave a stable and peaceful region after they completely withdraw.

Miliband told a gathering of about 500 Muslims in the UK on Saturday that his party supported any kind of negotiation with the Taliban and other insurgents groups in Afghanistan.

This comes as it was also revealed the Obama administration is preparing a counter-terrorism manual that will establish clear rules for targeted-killing operations.

Previously, many countries have blamed Pakistan for providing safe havens to insurgents which has inflamed the war in Afghanistan.

Pakistan is believed to have between 100 and 110 nuclear warheads – more than India.

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