Cement Factories to Return to Tender: Mines Ministry

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The management of three cement factories in Afghanistan will be put out to tender by the end of March, the Ministry of Mines said Sunday.

Included in the three is the Herat Cement Factory which was previously contracted with an Iranian company but was terminated by the ministry because of the company's failure to fulfill their commitments in due time, ministry officials said.

"The Iranian company could not address the articles in the contract and its commitments in due time. Following review and discussions, the Ministry of Mines terminated the contract with this company," MoM spokesman Ahmad Tamim Asi said.

"(The factory) will be put up for international bidding in Hamal 1392 (March-April 2013) to increase the capacity of cement production in Afghanistan," he added.

The Herat factory has the capacity to produce 3,000 tonnes of cement per day, however the company has failed to meet this in 27 months because it does not have the essential technical and financial facilities to excavate the raw materials needed to produce the cement.

The ministry also said that in the next Persian year of 1392 (Mar 2013-Mar 2014), the cement factories of Jabul Saraj in Parwan province and Ghori in Baghlan province will also be put up for bidding in order for the factories to produce more and meet domestic cement demand.

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