Baghlan Detains 30 Smugglers, Insurgents in a Month

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Over thirty people were detained during the past month in northern Baghlan province, local security officials said Monday.

Provincial police chief Assadullah Shirzad said that those who have been detained were involved in drug-smuggling and armed opposition groups who are active in the province.

"We detained these people in different areas of Baghlan. They were involved in drug smuggling and other illegal activities so we surrendered them to the judiciary organs," Assadullah said.

Security forces have seized half a tonne of weapons as well, from Nahrin, Barka, Khinjan, Khost and Baghlan Markazi districts of the province, he added.

According to the police chief, all the weapons were surrendered Monday to the Disarmament of Illegal Armed Groups programme.

Meanwhile security officials in south-eastern Zabul province said that they have seized a cache of weapons and explosives in a military operation.

Head of intelligence in Zabul police, Ghulam Rassol Aka, said joint Afghan and Isaf security forces launched a clearing operation in the Shahr e Safa district of the province and seized the storage.

He said that two men were detained as result of the two-day operation and in connection to the weapons.

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