Security Failures Incite Concern for Afghan Future

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The deficiencies in Afghanistan's security and intelligence organisations pose a dangerous threat to the country's future, analysts told TOLOnews Tuesday.

Reacting to the two recent insurgent attacks in the capital, the analysts feared that there were still large gaps in Afghanistan's defence capacity – a point acknowledged by the senior deputy minister of security affairs in the Ministry of Interior (MOI) Abdul Rahman Rahman.

"We accept that we have some deficiencies in our intelligence organisations," Raham said Monday evening at a press conference after the eight-hour attack at the Kabul Traffic Department had ended with the death of the five insurgents.

"There is a big gap and a shortage of talent. It will be dangerous for Afghanistan if it continues like this," former MOI deputy minister Gen Abdul Hadi said Tuesday.

Military analyst Norulhaq Olomi said it was a matter for the government to address.

"Security forces are not there to be sacrificed. The government should pay attention to the management and leadership," he said.

However, alongside the criticism for the security and intelligence failure, there was praise for the Afghan forces reaction in containing the attacks, especially last week's attempt on the National Directorate of Security office in Sedarat Square which was repelled within 30 minutes.

Abdul Hadi pointed out that the frequency of the attacks is a double-edged sword – a failure of security as well as a chance for the Afghan forces to improve.

"Afghan security forces physically become more ready and their actions are even better than neighboring countries' forces," he said.

For residents in Kabul, the security forces are only to be admired.

"We praise the security forces reaction to yesterday's attacks," one resident told TOLOnews. "They destroyed the suicide bombers yesterday."

The Afghan National Security Forces will be the country's only defence against the insurgents after 2014 when the foreign forces withdraw.

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