Traffic Laws Mostly Broken by Officials: Police

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Kabul police officials Saturday said that a crackdown on illegal vehicles and increased enforcement of road rules has found that it is primarily top officials who ignore traffic laws.

Specifically, a presidential decree banning vehicles from having black, tinted windows is largely flouted by figures in power, despite the National Security Council urging for two years for these vehicles to no longer be used.

The police are seeking to remove the heavily-tinted vehicles from the roads while also reviewing vehicles' documents and licenses for weapons.

"We have removed the cars of two officials, of two MPs. They have to consider the laws and the president's decree," Deputy chief Gen. Zaheer of Central Police Corps 111 Kabul.

There are fears that such vehicles are used for illegal activity including transporting insurgents into Kabul.

"The enemy misuses the vehicles that are black-tinted or have no documents. We request the officials and those who carry out illegal activities to stop the enemy from doing such things," said Kabul Police HQ Deputy of Security Mohammad Amin Daoud.

It is not clear how many of these vehicles are still on the roads and how many have been removed as there are no documents recording these statistics.

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