Police Arrested in Baghlan Kidnapping Case

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Three police officers are part of a five-member group arrested Sunday night for a recent kidnapping in northern Baghlan province, local officials said.

The Afghan security forces launched an operation in the Rubatak area of Baghlan to rescue a fuel-tanker driver and his colleague kidnapped by the group two days ago, provincial police chief Asadullah Shirzad said.

"The operation was launched about 2:00am last night and the group has been arrested by security forces. The security forces released the driver of the fuel tanker and his colleague who were kidnapped two days ago," he told TOLOnews Monday.

"The men were found with their hands and feet tied," he added.

The police arrested the five kidnappers, three of whom were policemen from Baghlan and neighbouring Samangan province, he added.

"We have started investigations and if there were others involved in the group, we will arrest them," Shirzad said.

During the operation, the forces seized weapons and two vehicles, he added.

It comes amid more frequent reports of kidnapping in the north of Afghanistan and Kabul city.

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