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Pakistan changing its policy towards Afghanistan, opting for a more favorable approach to its neighbour, Afghan Ministry of Defence officials (MOD) said Monday.

After meeting with Pakistani defence officials in Islamabad, MOD officials said they noted a shift in their Pakistani counterparts viewpoints on the battle against insurgency and Afghanistan's path to peace.

"In the recent times, we have seen a great change among Pakistan's officials views towards Afghanistan, so Pakistan's policy is changing regarding the insurgency and Afghanistan peace process," MOD spokesman Gen Zahir Azimi said.

MOD Minister Bismillah Khan Mohammadi is with a delegation visiting Islamabad this week to discuss security cooperation.

Afghanistan's Ambassador to Pakistan Omar Daoudzai said that visit is an important step towards increasing mutual cooperation in the areas of military and security.

"This trip is unprecedented," he told TOLOnews. "The aim of the trip is to boost military and security cooperation between countries."

Although Afghan officials are optimistic about a change in Pakistan's policy of working with Afghanistan, others are more cynical.

"Pakistan is now trying to salvage itself from an internal crisis. Pakistan is not able to fight insurgency," civil society activist Ajmal Balochzada told TOLOnews.

"The Afghan government should try to achieve lots of benefits [for itself] otherwise Pakistan will probably do the same thing," analyst Idris Rahmani said of the peace process.

High-ranking Afghan, Pakistani and Britain officials will meet in London next week with the purpose of discussing peace efforts and negotiation with the Taliban.

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