Logar, Wardak Insecurity Threatens Kabul: Officials

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The government's disregard towards the two provinces bordering Kabul – Logar and Maiden Wardak – has worsened security conditions and increased the threats in Kabul city, according to Afghanistan's Transition Coordination Commission (TCC) chief.

At a conference in Kabul discussing security, development, and governance in Logar and Maidan Wardak, TCC head Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai said that the insecurity within the provinces is a primary concern that should have been addressed as seriously as security in the capital itself,

"One of the reasons behind insecurity in the provinces of Logar and Maidan Wardak is that the people do not cooperate with the government because the government has not addressed the residents' needs. Kabul will never be secure if these provinces are not secure," he told the conference Saturday.

Both Logar and Wardak provincial governors attended along with a number of security officials.

The Minister of Education Farooq Wardak, who is a former Wardak resident, agreed with the TCC's claim that the government had neglected the two provinces.

"The security condition in Maidan Wardak and Logar was very good in 2006 and 2007. However, it became worse because of the inconsideration of the government.

The security in these provinces will not improve unless the people's support is obtained by the government," he said.

Wardak provincial governor Majid Khogiani warned that Kabul's security will similarly deteriorate if more security forces are not deployed to the vulnerable areas.

"If the number of security forces in vulnerable areas of Maidan Wardak province is not increased, the situation in Kabul next year will become similar to the current bad situation in this province," he said.

"There should be serious considerations given to improving security in this province," he added.

Logar provincial governor spoke of a "distance" between the people living in the province and the central government.

"The main problem is that people have turned their faces from the government and there is a gap between the people and the government, which has led people to not cooperate with the government and so insecurity has grown," Iqbal Azizi said.

Following the conference, which was held at the request of the president and National Security Council, a number of drafts from the province's officials will be sent to the security council to offer solutions to improve security and gain the support of residents.


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