3 Die in Parwan Avalanches

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At least three people have been killed and one person injured in avalanches in northern Parwan province which struck late Sunday afternoon, local officials said.

The incident took place in Shikh Ali district of the province when two men and a woman who were walking on the street were trapped by the avalanche, provincial spokeswoman Roshna Khalid said on Monday.

"They wanted to go in a wedding party in the district by they were killed by an avalanche," she said.

It comes as heavy snowfall has obstructed major traffic route Salang Highway in the north of Afghanistan since Friday.

The maintenance and guard department has stopped traffic on the highway because of the poor weather conditions and the possibility of an avalanche in the area.

The road from the Tajikan area of Jabul Saraj district in Parwan to the Malkhan area of Baghlan province is empty and there are neither vehicles nor travelers throughout this route, local officials said.

The snowfall is expected to continue until Tuesday, but there is no clear sign when the roads will reopen.

Meanwhile, deputy public works minister Ahmad Shah Wahid on Monday said in a press conference has said that more than 14 avalanches have delayed work in most of the Salang area.

"We can't start work in the areas due to heavy snowfall and storms. We have vehicles to clear the streets" he said.

In early 2012, avalanches following an extreme storm in southern Salang killed 190 and left about 200 injured, an incident which raised criticism against the lack of preparedness of Afghan government departments.

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