Taliban is Not Behind Recent Kabul Attacks: NDS

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The Taliban are not behind the recent suicide offensives in Afghanistan, National Directorate of Security (NDS) said on Wednesday, claiming some other group is behind the attacks.

NDS spokesman Shafiqullah Tahiri said that the modern techniques and equipment use in the recent attacks in Afghanistan's capital reveal a sophistication that is not common among Taliban.

"The attacks, especially the attack on the traffic department, was not the work of the Taliban but some other proficient terrorists were involved," he told reporters at a press briefing Wednesday.

"Now, they are using modern techniques in the attack and also new explosives in suicide vests that have high power," he added.

The six alleged insurgents detained on Sunday in Kabul had aimed to attack some government and private organisations, and were fully equipped with these modern weapons and suicide vests, he said.

Tahiri also claimed that four men believed to have coordinated the attack on the Kabul traffic police headquarters last month have also been detained in NDS operations in different parts of Kabul, but he declined to give details.

Meanwhile, in other NDS operations, the Taliban shadow governor of Kunduz province Malawi Abdul Rahman has been detained.

Separately, 1200 kgs of explosive materials have been seized in Parwan province and two men detained in connection with the incident.

NDS forces have also seized about 700 kgs explosive and 150 weapons in operations in Paktya, Samangan, Ghazni, Balkh and Helmand provinces, Taheri added.

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