Taliban, Haqqani Leaders Arrested in Afghan Operation

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Two local Taliban leaders and two Haqqani facilitators have been captured in joint Afghan and Nato troops operations, Isaf said Thursday.

A Taliban senior leader, who was not named in Isaf's statement, was captured Thursday in the Khugyani district of eastern Nangarhar province, according to Isaf's operations update.

The leader is believed to be a suicide operations facilitator who manages the recruitment, training and movement of insurgent to conduct attacks on government officials and security forces. He is also believed to be directly associated with several Taliban insider attack insurgents and worked closely with Hezb-e-Islamic Gulbuddin leadership, Isaf said.

Furthermore, Isaf said he is believed to have used his village leadership position to recruit suicide bombers and "insider attack" facilitators from Wazir Jihadi High School.

During the operation, the security force also detained one suspected insurgent.

A second local Taliban leader was captured Thursday in the Nad Ali district of southern Helmand province, responsible for the facilitation and construction of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and attacks against Afghan and coalition forces, according to Isaf.

He provided guidance to insurgents, regular network updates to Taliban leadership and placed IED against Afghan National Security Forces, Isaf said.

Meanwhile an Afghan and coalition security force arrested a Haqqani facilitator in Sabari district, Khost province, Thursday.

Isaf said he is believed to have supplied insurgents with funds, weapons and equipment to conduct attacks against Afghan and coalition forces in the district. He is also accused of helping finance the purchase of motorcycles, IED materials, weapons, homemade explosives and fuel to support the insurgency.

Three other suspected insurgents were also captured along with multiple rifles and ammunition.

The second Haqqani facilitator was captured Thursday in Pul-e 'Alam district of eastern Logar province, believed to be responsible for the acquisition, transfer and distribution of weapons and IED components for use in attacks against security forces through the province, Isaf said.

Isaf did not disclose the names of any of the local leaders it says were captured.

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