2 Senior Taliban Commanders Killed in Logar Operation

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Two local Taliban leaders were killed in a joint Afghan and Nato troop operation in central Logar province on Sunday, as another two insurgents were killed in an airstrike in eastern Kunar province, Isaf said.

Security forces confirmed Monday the deaths of the two Taliban leaders, Afshin and Ismail, during a military operation in Logar's Baraki Barak district.

According to Isaf, Ismail was the deputy Taliban leader for Baraki Barak during the winter months.

"He issued guidance on direct and indirect fire as well as improvised explosive device (IED) attacks against Afghan and coalition forces. He financed the acquisition of IED-making materials, rockets and ammunition for heavy weapons," Isaf said in its operations update.

Afshin, meanwhile, coordinated and executed attacks and was "directly affiliated" with the attack in Baraki Barak on Dec 24 that killed an American soldier, and the Dec 28 attack that killed an Afghan National Army soldier, Isaf said.

Also in the east, two other armed insurgents were killed when a joint military operation in the Ghaziabad district led to an airstrike.

"The security force observed two armed individuals engaged in insurgent activity and engaged them with a precision strike, killing both," Isaf said, without elaborating on what the insurgent activity was.

On Monday, four insurgents were captured in a joint forces operation in southern Kandahar province's Maiwand district during an operation to search for "a Taliban senior leader who allegedly coordinates complex attacks and facilitates weaponry to include rockets, mortars, rifles and multiple types of improvised explosive devices," Isaf said.

And a local Taliban commander was arrested in a separate operation in Sayedabad district of central Maidan Wardak province. He is believed to organise and conduct IED attacks along Highway 1 in the district, Isaf said.

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