MOI Confirms All Private Security Dissolved in South Afghanistan

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The Afghan Ministry of Interior has dissolved six private security companies in the west and southwest of Afghanistan who were providing security over Herat-Kandahar highway, replacing them with the government-backed Afghan Public Protection Force (APPF).

More than a thousand light and heavy artillery and more than 3,000 kilos of explosives have been collected from the companies who are no longer allowed to operate.

There had been reports on such companies causing more insecurity, according to MOI officials, including attacking their competitors over Herat-Kandahar highway.

"There were many private security companies which would cause insecurity and carry out robberies and kidnappings over the highway in the west and southwest zone. So we, the security forces, started the work based on the President's Decree No. 45 and dissolved six private security companies and also collected some amount of light and heavy artillery," said Gen. Abdul Rahman Rahman, deputy head of security in the Ministry of Interior.

Rahman said the Afghan police and the APPF will replace the private companies to provide security, and suggested that security will improve.

"From now on, we will not recognise any private company in the west and southwest. Any individual or group who causes insecurity will be pursued by us," he added.

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