Haqqani Leader Arrested, Insurgents Killed in Afghan Raids

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A local Haqqani leader has been captured in a joint Afghan and Nato troops operation in eastern Khost province, Isaf said Sunday.

He was captured in Nadir Shah Kot district of eastern Khost province today and is believed responsible for organising and conducting improvised explosive device (IED) and mortar attacks against security forces, Isaf said.



Meanwhile in eastern Kunar province, three insurgents were killed and one was injured in a joint operation in Ghaziabad district yesterday, Isaf said in the statement.

"The security force positively identified the militants engaging in insurgent activity in an isolated area away from civilians. After ensuring no civilians were in the vicinity, the security force engaged the armed insurgents, killing three and wounding one," it said.

Another two insurgents were killed in an operation in search of a Taliban leader in Sherzad district of eastern Nangarhar province Sunday, it added.

In central Logar province Sunday, a local Taliban leader and two others insurgents were arrested in a joint operation in the Baraki Barak district.

The local leader is accused of procuring and distributing weapons for Taliban fighters in Baraki Barak. He is also alleged to have a history of directing IED and small arms attacks against Afghan and coalition forces, Isaf said.

Other captures happened during operations in southern Kandahar province and northern Kunduz province, Isaf said.

A Taliban facilitator and one other insurgent were arrested in Kandahar's district by the same name, accused of coordinating the movement of supplies, weapons and IED-making materials. The facilitator is also believed to be heavily involved in recruiting efforts ahead of the spring fighting season, Isaf said.

A local Taliban leader and four other insurgents were captured Saturday in a separate operation in Kunduz's Chahar Darah district. The leader is believed to be a prominent member of Chahar Darah's IED network, thought responsible for procuring, distributing and placing IEDs throughout the district, Isaf said.

It comes after Isaf admitted and apologised on Saturday for the death of two boys in southern Uruzgan province who were killed Thursday during a military operation when Isaf soldiers mistakenly identified them as insurgents.

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