Film Festival Highlights Challenges for Afghan Women

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The first artistic and documentary film festival about Afghan women was held in Kabul on Wednesday with the support of Afghan and international agencies.

Five films and documentaries were shown depicting challenges faced by women living in Afghanistan and their progress in the past decade. Two were chosen at the end as the best films of the festival.

The festival was launched with the cooperation of France, Germany and Norwegian embassies and European Union.

"In the film I produced, I tried to encourage women and girls to go to school and get an education," producer of one of the best films Sarnawesht (Destiny), Murtaza Tofan, said.

The purpose of the festival was aimed at encouraging women and girls to study and to raise awareness of their rights in the country.

"There were five short films in the festival two of which were recognised as the best films of the festival," member of Open Society Afghanistan Zahra Mobtakar said.

"The festival was about the challenges and progress of Afghan women," she added.

The problems of women actress in Afghanistan was another issue which was explored in the festival.

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