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Monday 22 December 2014


The Office of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) announced on Friday that working with the Afghan youth is a top priority for the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon.

The UN recently helped organize a music concert in Bamyan in front of the Buddha statue to honor International Youth Day.

"For UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon, working with and for young people is one his top priorities. For International Youth Day he has encouraged member states, youth led organizations and other stakeholders to act to promote the rights of your young people and maximize the development potential of the youth around the world including of course in Afghanistan," an official from the UNAMA office in Kabul said".

At the concert in Bamyan, many youth and women showed up to watch and participate in the performances.

"I don't understand what kind of people are those who engage in warsand violence, because they disturb the general public and their own families," said Afghan singer Ms. Farzana.

Coexistence, tolerance, peace and youth mobilization against corruption were the focus messages of the UN-sponsored concert.

"Youths of the country should speak out against inequalities in society and they shouldn't remain silent. In the past, it was not like this, but the youth don't effect change, because they lack hope, confronted by all the problems in the country," famous Afghan signer Wahid Qasemi said".

"Singing is the only way that helps to convey any message to the people including the message of peace, it is the only means that support us to convey the message of peace to the world," said Aryana Saeed, a female Afghan singer.

The idea for the musical event in Bamyan was originally received with mixed feelings. While local clerics were opposed to it, civil society groups spoke out in favor and agreed to help organize.

Ultimately, with the UN's leadership, the concert was held successfully, although heavy security was needed.

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