DAOUD SULTANZOY: The Soviet Occupation of Afghanistan

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Daoud Sultanzoy discuses the Soviet Red Army's occupation of Afghanistan and its adverse consequences.

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The USSR entered Afghanistan on 27 October 1979 from different points, including the Hairatan Port, Shirkhan Port and Torghondi Port. At 3 PM, the Red Army took over Kabul and Bagram Airports and the USSR officially conquered Afghanistan.

After controlling important locations in Kabul city, the Red Army captured the Darlaman Palace, the seat of the Democratic People's Republic, and brought the government down.

After nine years and 50 days of war, the Red Army left Afghanistan, incurring huge losses and inflicting major damage to the people of Afghanistan.

This edition's guests are:

General Atiqullah Baryalai, deputy defense minister

Khalil Roman, author

Ahmad Idrees Rahmani, political analyst

Sultan Mohammad Awrang, former member of parliament

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