Abdullah Leads New Poll


A recent election poll conducted by the Democracy International Organization of more than 2,500 Afghan citizens across all 34 provinces and in at least 115 districts revealed Dr. Abdullah Abdullah is the most popular Presidential candidate at the moment. 

In response to the question  "If today was election day who would you vote for?" participants answered as follows: 

31 percent Dr. abdullah Abdullah 

25 percent Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai 

13 percent Abdul Qayoum Karzai 

10 percent Abdul Rab Rasoul Sayyaf

Dr. Zalmai Rasoul was the fifth most popular candidate. Meanwhile, Hedayat Amin Arsala, Daoud Sultanzoi and Qutbuddin Helal placed at the end of the list.

The rest of the survey raised questions about the candidates, the vice-presidents and other issues such as security and transparency. 

The survey found that the 83 percent of men and 63 percent of women intend to participate in the upcoming presidenrtial election.

"When asked what is the biggest problem across Afghanistan? Those interviwed said security, terrorism and crime, and 19 percent said economic difficulty as well," Democracy International employee Fawzia Rahimi Jamal said. 

Amongst all the challenges facing the upcoming elections, respondents said security was their top concern. 

"The aim of the poll was to reflect people's ideas, not the ideas of experts," Democracy International manager Sayed Yaseen Hussaini. "We covered 2,500 Afghan across the country, taking into account various levels of education, literacy and ethnicity."

According to the poll, corruption and Taliban violence were listed as the other major worries of those surveyed. 

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