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The private sector has proposed specific suggestions to presidential candidates for solving economic challenges.

The National Economic Conference was held jointly by Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries and Harakat – Afghanistan Investment Climate Facility Organization in Kabul today.

Representatives from private sector, economic analysts and civil society activists participated in the conference. The participants asked for programs in areas of security, access to loans, creation of infrastructures, formation of policies and laws, prevention of illegal trade and smuggling and providing opportunities for foreign trade, especially tackling the transit issues with the neighboring countries.

"The suggestions and opinions collected today will be part of a document submitted to the presidential candidates to include in their programs," Afghan Chamber of Commerce CEO Muhammad Qurban Haqjo said.

Meanwhile, officials from Harakat- Afghanistan Investment Climate Facility considers government's anti-corruption policies of the past ten years weak. Harakat believes that ending corruption is key to solving many other problems.

"Head of the anti-corruption office announced on the first day of his duty that people should not expect a complete end to corruption, which is very dangerous and must be seriously dealt with," Harakat CEO Naseem Akbar said.

Economic analysts consider lack of political ability as the main reason behind the current economic problems.

"If the required programs are followed with strong commitment within the framework for economic development, many problems can be solved with the resources that we have. We lacked these commitments in the past years," Professor of Economy at Kabul University Fazel Ahmad Joya said.

The event participants criticized the economic development and anti-corruption policies of the past ten years. They also called on the presidential candidates for a written guarantee to solve the challenges if elected.

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