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Nicholas Haysom, deputy special representative of the secretary-general for the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), said at a press conference on Saturday that in order to solve the current problems faced in the election process UNAMA will provide their assistance in creating an agreement.  

“We of course stand ready to assist in any way,” Haysom said. “I should emphasize that we have been and are continuing to engage with the candidates, the candidates’ teams, the observers, politically influential people and the government.”

UNAMA assured the public that they will follow an honest cooperation and asked that the electoral commission separate clean votes from the fraudulent votes.

“I think just to emphasize once again, going forward, we are going to be encouraging the candidates and the candidate teams to engage with each other, and with the election management bodies, hopefully the task of building trust and confidence in the process” he explains.

Meanwhile, presidential campaigns of both candidates welcome the United Nations (UN) mediation to solve the election tension.  

“We trust the UN and today’s meeting between Ján Kubiš and Abdullah Abdullah proceeded very well and we hope our demands will be fulfilled,” says a member of Dr. Abdullah’s team, Said Agha Sancharaki.

Ashraf Ghani-Ahmadzai’s campaign team too welcomes the UN mediation, but emphasizes that the works of the election commission must be respected.

“We welcome the mediation of the UN, if the election commissions are respected, we are optimistic,” Abbas Nooryan, member of Dr. Ghani-Ahmadzai’s campaign team, said.

Afghanistan Democracy Watch encourages the thought of having a mediator between the parties to solve the issues of election.

“In order to end the election crisis a mediator is needed, someone who is impartial in the election issues and is aware of election issues,” Zekria Barakzai, head of Afghanistan Democracy Watch, said. “This crisis needs to be resolved in a way so that trust is regained among commissions and candidates and also, clean and fraudulent votes need to be separated.”

The people of Afghanistan have hopes that these problems will soon be solved, in favor of a bright tomorrow.

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