FARKHABAR: 18 December 2012

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The Natural Resources and Environment Committee of the Afghan parliament called on top officials from several ministries as well as a number of academics to discuss the problems with the law of mines and consult on resolving the "rush" over contracting the country's natural resources.

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"One year of this government's tenure is left. Our question is, Would hurrying to contract our mines help us reach the goal or would this act – in this short time – increase the problems?" asked head of Natural Resources and Environment Committee Obaidullah Ramin.

The ministers of economy and commerce and industries shared the committee's concern over what it said is a rush to contract the country's mines.

Afghanistan's mines and resources of oil and gas are said to be some of the most important sources of revenue for the country after 2014, yet there are lingering concerns that rushing the contracting process might bring in less revenue.

Host Yama Siavash examines the subject with Member of Parliament Gul Padshah Majidy and Ministry of Mines Spokesman Jawad Omar.

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