Friday 22 May 2015

A Nangarhar tribal chief Shan Pachah Shinwari said on Thursday evening that most of the province has come under Daesh control and government is being accused of ignoring the problem.

In addition, it emerged that serious clashes have been the order of the day for at least a month and that out of 22 districts, only five or six are still under government control. The rest are now controlled by Daesh.

Bakhtyar, an Afghan Taliban commander, who was imprisoned by the US in Bagram and freed after a few years – is now a Daesh leader in Nangarhar.

In this episode of Tawde Khabare host Shapoor Bakhtiyar, discusses the issue of insecurity in Nangarhar province, with the following guests:

Qazi Ismael Azad, civil society activist
Noor Agha Zwak, civil society activist
Zabiullah Izmari, Secretary of the Provincial Council
Shan Pachah Shinwari, tribal elder

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To watch Yama Siavash's exclusive interview with Zalmay Khalilzad, former US Ambassador to Afghanistan, click here:

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Theme of discussion:

1 Working agenda in the first 100 days
2 Reasons for problems in the ministry in the past
3 Existence of corruption in the ministry
4 Boosting and supporting the national economy
5 Policy making and planning
6 The committees that the monitor actions of the ministry

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