Friday 30 January 2015

The United States of America has assured Pakistan that the Pakistani Taliban leaders will either be arrested or killed in Afghanistan. Pakistani Deputy Minister of Defense has said that U.S. officials have told Pakistan military that Mullah Fazelullah will be either killed or arrested, if in Afghanistan. These statements are while, recently, the White House spokesman has said that Taliban are against the government.

Deputy Minister of Defense of Pakistan has also said that the Pakistani military as complained to the United States regarding Indian interference in Pakistani soil through Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Sartaj Aziz, Pakistan National Security Advisor has invited the new Afghan Minister of Foreign Affairs for joint political talks in order to firm relations between the countries.

Host Shahpoor Bakhtyar, discusses the topic with the following guests:

Mirza Muhammad Yarmand, former Minister of Interior
Daud Kalakani, MP
Naeem Lalai Hameedzai, MP

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parliament approves eight ministerial nominees and NDS chief

After two weeks of controversy, the House of Representatives on Wednesday approved eight ministerial nominees out of 18 ministers. The successful nominees are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), nominee for Ministry of Interior (MoI), nominee for Ministry of Public Helath (MoPH), nominee for Ministry of Refugees and Repatriations (MoRR), nominee for Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP), nominee for the Ministry of Finance (MoF), nominee for Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD), nominee for Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs (MoHIA).

Parliament did not allow five other nominees because of their dual citizenship.

But what standards did the House consider while voting for the ministerial nominees?

In this episode of FARAKHABAR, host Yama Siavash discusses the topic with the following guest:

Abdul Qadir Zazai Watandost: head of the parliamentary commission for foreign affairs.

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Ballot boxes placed inside Parliament for vote of confidence for ministerial nominees and NDS chief


Dr. Abdul Qayoum Sajjadi: MP

Neelofar Ibrahimi: MP

Tahir Hashimi: University Professor

Amin Farhang: former minister

Themes of discussion:

What standards and priorities were considered by the legislators in today's voting?

How do you see the government's decision in introducing the nominees to occupy the post of ministers?

What is your perception about the decision of the House of Representatives with regard to voting for key government ministries?

How do you see open voting of some legislators?

What is your opinion about the management of the House of Representatives regarding the cabinet?

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