TOWDE KHABARE: 11 Ministers Summoned by Parliament

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Parliament is to summon the 11 ministers whose ministries have not managed to spend more than 50 percent of their development budget for the year 1390 (March 2011- March 2012).

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The ministers were to appear before parliament sooner but a number of parliamentarians opposed the decision because four of the ministers were newly-appointed and so were not responsible for the 1390 budget of their ministries.

However, after some discussion it is said that the four new ministers will also be summoned for questioning from parliament. These are Obaidullah Obaid, Minister of Higher Education, Mujtaba Patang, Minister of Interior Affairs, Bismillah Mohammadi, Minister of National Defense, and Hassan Abdullahi, Minister of Urban Development Affairs.

Host Shapoor Bakhtiar discusses this matter with the following guests:

• Dr. Zaheer Saadat, MP

• Basheer Bijan, political expert

• Mohammed Naim Lalai Hameedzai, MP

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