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Parts of Helmand's Nawa district, which is close to Lashkargah city, has turned into a Taliban stronghold over the past 18 days, especially after insurgents took to using the homes of locals as safe havens.

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The Hasht-e-Subh Daily Newspaper on Sunday left part of page 4 blank in its Herat edition in protest over what it calls bullying by a number of officials and powerful men in the province.

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Reports indicate that the Taliban are targeting military convoys along parts of the Kabul-Jalalabad Highway and that they are also creating random check points to search motorists and passengers.

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Pakistan's continued support for resurgent militant groups hostile to the United States, coupled with warming U.S military and business relations with India, is sharply diminishing Islamabad's strategic importance as an ally to Washington, U.S military, diplomatic, and intelligence officials and outside experts said.

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