Sunday 4 October 2015

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TOLOnews correspondent Wali Arian who is embedded with an Afghan Special Forces unit along the Kunduz frontline has said that the city and surrounds is still at war and that the streets of Kunduz are deserted of civilians. He said the special forces have however pledged to avenge the Taliban for the atrocities the group has committed against the people of Kunduz.

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De Spinghar Bazan football team was crowned champions of the Roshan Afghan Football League (RAPL) on Friday when they beat favorites and defending champions Shaheen Asmayee in the final by 4-3. The Afghanistan Football Stadium (AFF) was packed with thousands of fans who enjoyed a special ceremony before the start of the game where the youth, in particularly young girls, showed of their talent.

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More than 300 insurgents, including foreign nationals, have been killed in the Kunduz battle, which is being led by foreign militants, according to local officials. The Police Chief of Kunduz confirmed the casualties and said that Arabs, Chechens and Pakistani militants were leading the war in Kunduz – which fell to the Taliban on Monday.

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