TOLOnews 07 November 2012
Saturday 20 September 2014

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US President Barack Obama swept to re-election Tuesday, creating history again by defying the undertow of a slow economic recovery and high unemployment to beat Republican foe Mitt Romney.

Obama became only the second Democrat to win a second four-year White House term since World War II, when television networks projected he would win the bellwether state of Ohio where he had staged a pitched battle with Romney.

The re-election of Barack Obama as president of the United States was welcomed by President Hamid Karzai and Afghan political parties on Wednesday saying it would be effective for the US mission in Afghanistan.

Karzai, who is currently on an official trip to Indonesia and India, sent his congratulations to Obama and wished him further success.

The Jihadi Council led by Afghanistan's Energy and Water Minister Mohammad Ismail Khan has started distributing weapons to its members in western Herat province, the provincial spokesman Mahiuddin Noori said Wednesday.

Speaking at a press conference in Herat, Noori warned that any armed groups outside of the Afghan security forces are against the law and an investigation is underway to find out how they obtained the weapons.

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