TOLOnews 08 November 2012
Tuesday 23 September 2014

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President Hamid Karzai on Thursday criticised the structure of the United Nations Security Council, saying at the 5th Bali Democracy Forum in Indonesia that it was not .democratic.

Karzai said the UN Security Council cannot represent all of the world when the relationship between the Council and the UN General Assembly is not democratic.

At least 20 people including 12 Afghan civilians were killed on Thursday in a suicide attack and three other bomb blasts across four provinces.

A suicide attacker struck Kandahar city in southern Kandahar province early Thursday morning, killing three police and injuring four others, local officials said.

Afghan women will face major challenges in the upcoming presidential election because of the "inappropriate" traditions and insecurity, the Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan (FEFA) said Thursday.

FEFA executive director Jandad Spinghar said in an advisory meeting with the Afghan MPs that unfair propaganda against women also prevented them nominating themselves for upcoming elections. He urged the Ministry of Women's Affairs to provide opportunities for women to participate in the upcoming elections.

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