TOLOnews 17 November 2012
Tuesday 16 September 2014

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Taliban officials who join peace negotiations with the Afghan government will have their names removed from the United Nations sanctions list and will receive immunity from prosecution, the head of the High Peace Council (HPC) said Saturday.

HPC chairman Salahuddin Rabbani said in a press conference said that the agreement between Afghanistan and Pakistan to bring the Taliban to the negotiating table involve five key points apart from the much-reported prisoner release.

The president of rescued and rebadged Kabul Bank – New Kabul Bank – was accused in court on Saturday of abetting an illegal money transfer on the night he was appointed president of the crisis-riddled lender.

The head of the preliminary court of the Independent General Directorate of Fighting Bribery and Corruption said that the same night that Massoud Moosa Ghazi was named president of the New Kabul Bank, US$5.8 million was transferred to Dubai illegally.

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