TOLOnews 19 November 2012
Tuesday 16 September 2014

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The threat of terrorism is one of the greatest concerns of the United States and underscores the need for the bilateral security agreement with Afghanistan, US Envoy James Warlick told TOLOnews.

The terrorist threat involves the whole world and is the reason for the country's efforts in Afghanistan, the US Ambassador to Afghanistan and Pakistan said in an exclusive interview.

The Afghan government will not allow any armed group to stand alongside the national security forces, President Hamid Karzai's spokesman said on Monday, a clear sign that it will not support the move of the Jihadi Council to form a private army.

Aimal Faizi said the last speeches of the Minister of Energy and Water and Jihadi Council leader Mohammad Ismail Khan on the creation of armed groups is not acceptable for the government.

The US government has failed to complete the transfer of the Bagram Detention Centre to the Afghan authorities more than two months after the official handover date, Presidential spokesman Aimal Faizi said Monday.

Speaking in a press conference, Faizi said that the Afghan and US presidents had agreed that the complete transfer of all Bagram prisoners to the Afghan government would happen before the US election, but this has not eventuated.

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