TOLOnews 20 November 2012
Friday 11 July 2014

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Eight people were executed by hanging on Tuesday after President Hamid Karzai recently approved 16 people to receive the death penalty for their crimes, according to a source close to the Attorney General's office.

Head of the Presidential Justice Board on Tuesday said the 16 people were found guilty of crimes including rape, murder, kidnapping, and betraying national security.

Afghanistan's upper house on Tuesday rejected the presence of two foreign advisors at the Electoral Complaints Commission with the majority voting against the article approved by parliament last month.

The senators rejected Article 33 of the draft Election Law which allowed for two foreign nationals to be included in the seven-seat board of the Electoral Complaints Commission, saying it went against Afghanistan's sovereignty.

The police officers charged with killing three Afghan National Army (ANA) officers last month should be publicly prosecuted, Ministry of Defense (MOD) spokesman General Zahir Azimi said on Tuesday.

Azimi said the trial of the police officers who allegedly shot and killed the ANA soldiers a day before Eid al-Adha in eastern Baghlan province should be public, but did not elaborate on his reasons.

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