TOLOnews 26 November 2012
Tuesday 16 September 2014

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A leading international rights group has slammed the Afghan High Peace Council's (HPC) decision to grant amnesty to senior insurgents who join peace negotiations, declaring it a violation of the international convention governing war crimes.

Human Rights Watch released a statement Monday advising that serious crimes deserve prosecution and the deliberate decision to not prosecute violated the 1949 Geneva Convention, ratified by the Afghan government, which says that countries should ensure perpetrators of crimes against humanity be legally prosecuted.

The wife of one of the two security guards killed in last week's suicide attack in Kabul has called for the maximum penalty against those who plot and organise suicide attacks.

Criticising the government, the mother-of-two said President Hamid Karzai has allowed suicide attack planners to be rewarded instead of punishing them.

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