TOLOnews 04 December 2012
Saturday 20 September 2014

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A schoolgirl has been shot dead allegedly by local Taliban members while on her way home from school in eastern Kapisa province, provincial officials said Tuesday.

The girl, Anisa, was in Grade 10 and working as a volunteer on a polio campaign in Kapisa. She was returning home from the Mahmoud Raqi Girls High School on Sunday when she was killed in a volley of bullets from armed men.

There will be no peace and stability in the country unless women are involved in Afghan peace efforts, National Security Advisor to the President Rangin Dadfar Spanta said on Tuesday.

Without women, peace efforts are not a national step, Spanta told those gathered for a joint conference in Kabul hosted by the Research Institute for Women Peace and Security with the High Peace Council.

The Minister of Interior promised key reforms are underway to remove security challenges in Afghanistan, including an assessment of the worth of the Afghan Local Police (ALP).

Mujtaba Patang appeared before Senate on Tuesday to give an account of the security situation and acknowledged the concerns over the ALP.

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