TOLOnews 10 December 2012
Thursday 18 September 2014

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Human rights workers in Afghanistan on Monday blamed the government for the ongoing abuses in the country, saying that the situation was largely undermined by the government's weak response to the problem.

This year's International Day of Human Rights on December 10 passed without fanfare in Afghanistan – no ceremonies or meetings were held in the capital. But activists and observers called for the government to step up its action on the matter.

Afghanistan's Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Monday warned of greater challenges and corruption in the upcoming presidential election if voter registration does not kick off soon.

IEC chief Fazel Ahmad Manawe said that the major preparation needed for the voter registration is not yet underway and fears that fraud is far more likely if this process is not completed in time.

Human rights violations will continue as long as the perpetrators are not brought to justice, acting commissioner at the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission Nader Naderi said.

He said that the country has witnessed plenty of violence and crimes against humanity in the past years and most of those responsible for it have never been prosecuted or punished.

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