TOLOnews 11 December 2012
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Over 200 juvenile Afghans are being detained at the Bagram detention center north of Kabul, the international Human Rights Watch said Tuesday, an issue that it has brought to the attention of the United Nations.

"The US has admitted that there are over 200 Afghan children imprisoned in Bagram and these are children have been arrested by US forces," researcher for the Human Rights Watch in Afghanistan, Heather Barr, told TOLOnews in an interview.

President Hamid Karzai left Kabul for Turkey on Tuesday morning to attend a trilateral meeting between Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Afghan and Pakistan delegations, led respectively by the countries' presidents Hamid Karzai and Asif Ali Zardari, will arrive in Turkey's capital of Ankara to attend the three-day summit starting Wednesday.

A US Department of Defense report released Monday states that only one of the Afghan National Army's 23 brigades is able to operate independently without support of the US or Nato troops.

The report also stresses that the Taliban are still a major threat to Afghanistan while widespread corruption continues in the central government and Pakistan continues to provide critical support to insurgents.

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